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Bombe wicker Victrola cabinet
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Bombe wicker phonograph cabinet for sale


This wild unusual cabinet is the closest thing to a Sonora Supreme I have ever seen -- except that it is constructed out of wicker!

It's curvy bombe on all sides; I wish I could post a three dimensional image of it, because an ordinary picture doesn't capture the sense of how outlandish this is.

There's no name or other identification on this wicker Victrola. I have no idea who manufactured it, or what sort of mechanism was intended for it. I have only seen one other like it go through auction a few years ago, and that cabinet, too was missing the phonograph parts.

I had thoughts of mounting a Sonora movement in it, because stylistically it's in harmony with the fancy Sonora machines,but put whatever mechanism you like inside of it.

The white wicker itself is in good unrestored condition. The record bin is swollen into the out position (see image), probably from sitting in our garage, but could be planed or else the wood may shrink once it goes inside a house.

Guaranteed attention grabber.

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