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Antique organettes, roller organs, paper roll organs, and self-playing pneumatic instruments for for sale

an image of Celestina Organette
Item no 1012
Celestina Organette

Celestina organette appears to be complete, needs pneumatic rebuilding.

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an image of Improved Celestina Organette
Item no 1011
Improved Celestina Organette

Unrestored Celestina in a very nice original finish case.

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an image of Ariston organette for parts
Item no 989
Ariston organette for parts

A salvage Ariston type organette for parts.

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an image of Tanzbar self-playing accordion
Item no 868
Tanzbar self-playing accordion

Unrestored Tanzbar self-playing concertina. Use it for parts, get it making beautiful music again, or else place it next to your picture of Dick Contino.

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an image of Melodia Organette
Item no 833
Melodia Organette

Unrestored but capable of restoration, this Melodia organette has very nice decals and original finish.

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an image of Rollmonica rolls
Item no 651
Rollmonica rolls

Larry Adler and Borrah Minevitch, famous harmonica players, undoubtedly never needed a Rollmonica. But if you own a Rollmonica, you may need this lot of five very nice paper rolls.

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$50 for the lot
an image of Ampico piano rolls
Item no 617
Ampico piano rolls

No music for your Ampico? Here's a box lot of 33 rolls in very nice condition for your reproducing piano. Just sit back and enjoy.

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an image of Accessory feed for small organette
Item no 613
Accessory feed for small organette

Turn your puny little 14 note organette into a gargantuan monster with this rare accessory feed.

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an image of Giant organette accessory feed
Item no 599
Giant organette accessory feed

The biggest and craziest accessory feed for a 14 note organette that the world has ever known.

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an image of Roller organ cobs
Item no 545
Roller organ cobs

Call them what you will -- cobs, spools, or wooden rolls. The Autophone Company called them cobs, and this group in nice condition works on all Gem and Concert roller organs.

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$15 each
an image of Gem Roller Organ
Item no 421
Gem Roller Organ

Unrestored roller organ, which is a weasel way of telling you that there is no sound. It can boom out as loud as a full size organ once you rebuild it.

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