Columbia Viva Tonal Model 810

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Victor wasn't the only company to manufacture an Orthophonic type machine.Columbia had been in talks with Western Electric to acquire the rights to its new exponential horn, and in fact Columbia's interest in this development spurred Victor to introduce its exponential horn models. An entire series of Viva Tonal machines was introduced beginning 1926, advertised with the slogan "Viva Tonal, Like Life Itself."

The large Viva Tonal Model 800 and Model 810 were Columbia's competitors to the Orthophonic Credenza, but Columbia eschewed the look of a classic credenza for more of an arts and crafts appearance, at least with this model 810. These large Viva Tonal machines are somewhat scarcer than their Victor rivals.

In the judgment of most collectors, the sound of the Viva Tonals equals or surpasses that of their Victor rivals.

Viva Tonal Model 810
In an unusual twist, the double doors could fold back inside the cabinet.
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Viva Tonal 810 arm and reproducer
Tone arm and reproducer were gold plated. Unlike many of the Victor Orthophonic soundboxes, the Viva Tonal reproducer was not cast out of pot metal, a blessing to modern collectors who have struggled to rebuild crazed and crumbling Victor reproducers.
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Viva Tonal 810 cabinet decoration
Most of the decoration like the flower basket and the circles and ovals was painted on.
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Viva Tonal horn
Most of the inside of the cabinet consisted of horn.
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Viva Tonal 810 motor
Viva Tonal triple spring motor.

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Viva Tonal 810 reproducer
Viva Tonal gold plated reproducer.

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