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Victrola 410 for sale

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Introduced in 1923 at a cost of $300, the top of the line Victrola 410 featured Victor's finest quadruple spring motor and gold plated hardware. The mahogany lowboy cabinet was stylistically unusual, with Queen Ann legs and fancy pillars and moldings.

According to Baubach's Look For the Dog only slightly over 7000 of this model were produced, making it quite scarce. This example carries a serial number of 2705.

The cabinet of this Victrola 410 is in exceptionally nice original condition, with just some minor scratches on the lid. The gold plating is beautiful. I haven't rebuilt the motor, but I have freed up the speed indicator which usually causes the governor to run slow, I have rebuilt the reproducer, and the machine is playing very acceptably, as you can hear from the audio file.

Something unusual in a 1920s lowboy.

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