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Victor Monarch (Type M) for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

Here's a great, original example of a scarce early Victor Monarch. This talking machine was introduced in 1901; the version here, with factory rear mount conversion, would date between 1903 and 1905.

The fancy case with striped pillars and beaded molding has good original finish. The back bracket is quite clean, with good original decal work.

The horn is approximately 18" long with an 11.5" bell. It has original paint and decal. There are hints of some very minor creasing which was rolled out of the bell, making the bell very respectable also.

There is some typical weathering on the tone arm elbow where it was handled. The crank is a high quality reproduction.

I have disassembled and gone through the motor, and performed substantial work on it to get it to run right. When we received this machine it appeared to play, but would not play through an entire record. I discovered that one of the mainsprings was broken at an arbor. I replaced the mainspring, and pulled and re-greased the other mainspring in the double spring motor. This is a big job, but it is necessary to keep the springs from sticking to themselves as they unwind, causing the motor to run unevenly. While I was doing this I also cleaned out, lubricated and readjusted everything else in the motor.

The reproducer has also been rebuilt to yield maximum factory sound, and has been fitted with a new flange to ensure airtightness.

Please compare what has been done to this Victor M to a pig-in-a-poke on ebay or some other venue. Restoration does not consist of an amateur refinishing job, or slapping a little oil on old caked-up grease.

This Victor is now running properly and sounds terrific, as you can hear on the mp3. There is a characteristic whirr from all these early motors, not discernible under the record.

Although outside horn Edisons and outside horn Victors of this era were sold in somewhat equal numbers, the survival percentage of outside horn Victors was substantially smaller, making them scarcer and more desirable. This wasn't because Victor was not a well made machine. Victor build quality was the best in the industry. It is most likely because Edisons were sold to the country trade, and Victor's market was strongest in cities. People in cities were more transient, and had more money, and outside horn Victors were replaced with the new internal horn Victrolas.

Grab this while you can. We are not seeing a lot of good outside horn Victors. No records? We'd be happy to send you some for only the cost of Media Mail.

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