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Victor III - mechanically restored for sale

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The Victor III (or Victor The Third in Victor parlance) remains a favorite of both record and phonograph collectors because of its high build quality and long playing motor, while still available at a modest price.

Mid-range in the Victor Roman numeral series, the Victor III was equipped with a double spring motor for extended playing time. The Exhibition reproducer was the finest and most faithful of its era.

While Victor was a quality machine, it's always a good idea to perform a mechanical restoration on these machines after 100 years. On this particular example, I have taken everything apart, cleaned, inspected, lubricated and put it back together.

This means I have cleaned the governor for smooth running, re-lubricated the turntable shaft bearing, cleaned and lubricated the drive worm, etc.

Most important, I have pulled and re-greased the mainsprings. This is a big job, but it is important on Victor machines, which used a relatively thin mainspring, Over the years the old grease dries out and the spring sticks to itself. The machine won't play smoothly as the old grease gives way, and in most cases you will hear an obnoxious clunk in the barrels as the springs break free.

This machine was running when we received it. Nonetheless, I disassembled the motor, and after I cleaned the mainsprings, I could see that the outer mainspring was rusting. Would you want a machine with a rusty mainspring? I didn't think so, and so I installed a brand new spring. And this again illustrates one difference between our machines and a machine on a venue such as ebay.

This Victor III has all original parts.The cabinet has been nicely refinished. The nickel plating is in good condition. There is still good decal work showing on the back bracket.

The impressive brass bell horn is approximately 28 inches long with a 20 inch bell. The original decal is still on the stem of the horn, which shows some modest corrosion, as you can see in the photographs. The brass bell is in good condition, with only a typical extremely mild crease near the outer rim, more noticeable by feel than by sight.

All outside horn Victor machines are relatively scarce. Victor IIs and IIIs were the most popular models in their time, and remain so today, for good reason.

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