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Victor E With Columbia Horn
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Victor E With Columbia Horn for sale


The Victor Type E, or Monarch Junior, was introduced in 1902. Although the case was not large, approximately 11 inches square, the double spring motor which offered extended playing time was the same motor used in some larger, fancier machines. This front-mount version, in which the weight of the horn was supported on the tone arm, was the earlier version of the E.

This example has all old parts and original finish. At some point, the Victor horn and reproducer were replaced with a Columbia horn and Columbia long throat reproducer of the same vintage. The Columbia horn is very similar in dimensions to the Victor horn. It is approximately 15 inches long with a 9.5 inch bell. There are no dings or dents on the horn, just typical almost imperceptible minor creasing.

The machine is playing properly and smoothly, and even comes with the original record securer. I have rebuilt the reproducer.

A good choice if you want something with a classic Victor look that is functional, that you can sit on a shelf, and that doesn't take up too much space.

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