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Victor E front mount for sale
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Victor Type E Front Mount for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

This is an early machine. The Victor E, also known as the Junior Monarch, dates ca. 1901-1906, and this is an early version of a Victor E, most likely dating 1901-1902.

Front mounting, the earlier system, placed the weight of the horn on the tone arm and reproducer. and consequently on the record. For this reason, you usually do not see large horns on front mount machines. On rear mount machines, a later technological advance, the horn was independently attached to a back bracket.

The E was sold with a double spring motor, the same motor as on the Monarch Senior.

There are several things unusual about this machine that you don't encounter in later machines, even in later versions of the Type E.

The early plunger type brake is not frequently seen. The 7 inch turntable was designed to accommodate the early 7 inch records. The horn took a leather elbow, rather than the brass screw-on elbow found in later Victor front mounts. The center spindle was threaded for a record securer (which we have and are including with the machine).

It's really nice to find a machine like this with these original parts. This little brass bell horn in particular is surprisingly hard to find. And even the crank on this example is original.

Cosmetically, the cabinet sports old dark varnish original finish. The wooden tone arm is original. The support arm, metal hardware and accessories are all original; they appear to have been polished and buffed at one time, possibly eroding the nickel. The bell of the horn is very presentable, in better condition than most, no big dings or dents; some of the typical distress has been worked out of it. The stem of the horn has been repainted.

An original Victor long throat Exhibition on this example has been taken apart and re-gasketed. We put a new leather elbow on the reproducer/horn assembly; the old ones simply deteriorate into pieces after 120 years and will not function.

The motor is working properly, and will even play through a ten inch record, as you can affirm by watching the video below.

This machine is a good choice if you like the classic look of an early machine and want something authentic and functional. If you're a record collector who intends to play a lot of shellac, then you might consider one of our rear mount Victors. If not, go for it!

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