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Victor Victrola VV-50 for sale
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Victor Victrola VV-50 for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

The VV-50 was Victor's response to the portable phonograph market. The box-like machine was fitted with removable handles, and all components such as the crank and reproducer could be clipped securely into place.

The machine proved popular with the public, and has also become quite popular with collectors in recent years.

This is the first version dating to 1921, with the crank extending out the front of the machine.

Quite a bit of work has been performed on this example to bring it back to initial Victor quality.

The Victrola No. 2 reproducer has been rebuilt with new gaskets to ring out with faithful sound.

When we received this machine, it was experiencing a lot of spring let-down. This is caused by the dried up old grease in the spring barrel allowing the spring to stick to itself as it unwinds, causing an unpleasant thump in the motor and causing the motor to run unevenly. Victors used a relatively thin spring stock, which makes them prone to this symptom.

The proper solution is to take the motor apart, remove the spring from the barrel, and clean and re-grease it. This is a big job and most people won't do it. But we do it, because we want the machine to run right. If you bought a machine like this from a venue such as ebay, odds are that the seller would tell you that the motor was working. And it would be. After a while, you would discover that you would just never be happy with it.

We also cleaned up a hundred years of old grease from the rest of the motor, and lubricated the friction points.

Cosmetically, the machine is nice and clean. The mahogany cabinet has been professionally refinished and looks great. The only thing on the cabinet I would even talk about is that it looks like at one time there was some separation on the back bottom panel which had been closed up.

You can see and hear how nice this is playing on the youtube video below.

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