Hawthorne and Sheble Star Talking Machines

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Although Hawthorne and Sheble was perhaps the fourth largest player in the phonograph industry, it marketed very few talking machines under its own name. Most of its production consisted of accessories such as aftermarket horns and cabinets, or machines masquerading as independent offerings such as the disc Busy Bee.

The Star, Hawthorne and Sheble's house brand, is surprisingly scarce. To evade the Victor needle-in-the-groove patents, a coil spring assembly was inserted inside the tone arm of rear mount machines.

Hawthorne and Sheble Star, around 1908.
Hawthorne and Sheble Star, around 1908.
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Star top view
Details of the on/off mechanism and the motorboard.
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Star side view
Side view
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Hawthorne and Sheble tone arm
Hawthorne and Sheble bracket and tone arm, the so-called 'yielding pressure arm.'
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Star model 18
Star Model 18. The model designations referred to the price in dollars. Catalogue illustrations courtesy Allen Koenigsberg.
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Star Model 22
Star Model 22
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Star Model 35
Star Model 35.
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Star No. 5
This model, marked Star No.5, appears to be identical to the Star No. 18 in the catalogue. The support arm, and horn with attached bracket, appear as if they would swap with a Hawthorne and Sheble Busy Bee machine.
star number 5 motor
A familiar Busy Bee type motor appears in the Star No.5.
star model 40
This Star Model 40 appears to be the Star 35, perhaps increased $5 in price.
Star 40 motor
The motor fitted to the Star 40.
Star 60
Star 60.
Star 60 motor
This substantial quadruple spring motor gave the Star 60 some heft.
Hawthorne and Sheble Star nameplate
The star of the Star.

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