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Serpentine cylinder record cabinet for sale

A great, deep, serpentine cylinder record cabinet in original golden oak finish. When I first saw this in the distance I thought it was a mini high boy. Dimensions are approximately 20 inches by 22 inches by 35 inches tall. Very good original finish, no pegs, typical slight veneer peel at the bottom of the back, very slight typical separation of the solid wood boards where they join at the bottom of the right hand side. There a level row of around a half dozen small, nondesript, recessed nails on the left and right sides, about 3 inches up from the skirt, someone may have put these in at one time or they may have been original and structural and the filler may have come loose. They would be easy to refill with filler or stick shellac. I don't mean to dwell on the defects but I don't want any surprises. Fancy cylinder cabinets like this are quite hard to come by.

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