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Regina music box, Style 10
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Regina Music Box - Style 10- 25 Discs for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

Like the look of 1890s ornate design? Then this Style 10, ca 1894 Regina music box is for you!

It's a 15.5 inch double comb movement in one of the most exquisite, fanciest oak cases that Regina ever offered. There's lots of carving and gingerbread, even going so far as the eye candy in the lid. And surviving examples are quite scarce.

Everything is in very good condition. The motor takes off and starts and stops properly. There are no broken teeth or tips of teeth. It looks as if someone (not me) at one time had cleaned out the star wheel gantry, regulated the machine and polished the combs; it's playing quite nicely, as you can hear on the mp3 or on the youtube video below.

Cosmetically, it's a nice, untouched original finish case with just some light typical wear commensurate with age. There's some light watermarking on the lid, and some light flaking on one of the corners of the lid. The lid picture, I am sure, is a reproduction.

This is the easiest machine to get extra discs for. But to start you off, as a bonus, we are including 25 original 15.5 inch Regina discs.

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