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Period Grafonola for sale

We are honored to offer this hitherto unknown, undiscovered Period Grafonola. The period machines, made from 1917-1923, were Columbia's most expensive and prestigious products. Sold to the wealthy in limited quantity, and featuring the most ornate and exquisite cabinetry, some probably existed only as catalogue drawings and were built only as ordered.

We have no provenance or other attribution for this incredible cabinet. It bears some resemblance to the P-7 Charles II illustrated on page 171 of The Columbia Phonograph Companion but it is not the same machine. Thus the polychromed cabinet in English oak could well have been a special order.

The machine is substantially complete but will require some restoration, and will be a showpiece once restored. There are the usual issues with the frozen gold plated elbow. We have not plugged in the electric motor, but it should be assumed that the motor needs rebuilding. The good news is that this is the correct original motor, which was Columbia's finest. These motors were often removed, and were employed only on the period Grafonolas and some piano Grafonolas. We did not receive a grill with this machine. I'd guess the grill picked up on the honeycomb pattern above it. The grill could easily be reconstructed; I'd recommend Tom Rutkowski, known for his quality reproduction grills. There is also a piece of curlycue off one of the side arms -- which could be reconstructed by any competent woodworker. (See images.)

Approximate dimensions are 20 by 24 by 51 inches. This is a chance to own something special, unique and wonderful at a still modest price.

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