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Orthophonic Credenza Victrola for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.
King of Victrolas, the apex of development of the acoustic phonograph -- what more can you say about the Orthophonic Credenza? Introduced with a massive publicity blitz in 1925, and inextricably linked to the advent of electrical recording, Victor's Orthophonic line expanded the frequency range of the talking machine by two octaves, and brought the highest fidelity ever prior to electrical amplification. The deep resonant bass on this machine and booming volume make it de rigueur for serious record collectors. The story of how Victor almost lost the rights to Western Electric's scientific exponential horn has been told many times (see for example From Tinfoil to Stereo), but in the end both Victor and Columbia modernized with exponential horn models; most of the cabinet on these machines consist of a horn folded over upon itself.

The big Credenza was the largest, most expensive home model. The machine offered here is a quite a nice reminder of Victor worksmanship. It's a marked Credenza rather than the later 8-30 model, which was substantially the same machine, but which seems to be less popular with present day collectors. It's also the more desirable spring motor version, rather than the variation fitted with electric motor. The walnut finish has some slight typical weathering and scratches, but is much, much, much better than average. There is no veneer peel. The pot metal reproducer, unlike most, is in excellent condition and has retained its original brilliance. The quadruple spring motor is working properly, the gold plating is very decent, the automatic brake is present, and all that other good stuff.

Click on the 'Listen' link below and you can hear it play an Orthophonic scroll record: selection is Victor Light Opera Company's selections from the Mikado, crackling is courtesy of the soundcard on my laptop.

This Victrola is way too big to ship UPS. If you're curious as to rates, the last time we sent something this size to the West Coast it cost around $900 for crating, shipping, and insurance. If you're somewhere near where I travel I'd be happy to drop it off at no charge.

Absolutely the only way to listen to your 1920s 78rpm records!

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