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Edison Opera Phonograph - All Original for sale

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The Edison Opera, introduced in 1911, is generally conceded to represent the apex of development of the acoustic, outside horn cylinder phonograph.

With direct drive motor, airtight linkage and oversize reproducer with diamond stylus the Opera produces a sound still astonishing to modern ears. The mahogany case with oxidized copper fittings and matching mahogany horn make it aesthetically enjoyable also.

Here is a great all-original example of a mahogany Opera. Everything is clean original finish. The bedplate has not been repainted as some "restorers" are prone to do. The often missing gear cover is present, and is right. Even the automatic stop which was usually pulled is present. The only things not original are the four tiny screws securing the horn to its collar, and the small pin that the elbow latch engages!

The mahogany cabinet has just some minute nicks commensurate with age, and overall is very, very good. The wooden horn, with original decal, is also very clean. There is only a typical small separation between two of the panels (not a split in the wood), and this has been partially glued.

This is the way you love to find collectable phonographs, nice, original, untouched, unrestored.

The L reproducer on this machine is in good condition, and the machine is playing quite respectably, as you can hear from the mp3 file.

The one machine every collector desires, and an absolute highlight of any collection.

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