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Base cabinet for Regina and other music boxes
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Oak base cabinet for Regina music box for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

A stand like this is indisputably the best way to hear your Regina music box and store your records. The heavy oak top, mounted on a substantial base, yielded maximum volume, particularly when pushed against a wall in a parlor size room, as recommended.

Surprisingly very few music boxes, perhaps one out of a hundred, were sold with a base cabinet. The result of this conundrum is that the scarcity of a base cabinet commands a premium among collectors and people wanting additional eye candy to display their music box.

This example is a good heavy original cabinet in a refinished golden oak case. Dimensions at the top are approximately 22 inches by 24 inches, Height is approximately 34 inches.

The interior of the cabinet will accommodate up to a 15 1/2 inch disc.

You should be able to sit a 15 1/2 inch Regina music box comfortably on this cabinet, but it is also perfectly appropriate for any other music box playing a disc of this size, including Symphonion, Polyphon, Olympia, Criterion and others.

There is some age related separation of the panels on the sides of the cabinet. My guess is that there was also originally a small piece of trim molding toward the bottom of these sides. (See images.) The slats are usually missing on the interior of these cabinets, but in this case about half the original slats are present, more than sufficient to divide your discs.

Don't hesitate. If you've been looking for a base cabinet you've already learned how hard they are to find.

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