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Base cabinet for music box
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Music box base cabinet for sale


Your music box should sit on a heavy table, backed up against a wall, to ring out at its most impressive fidelity, and an original base cabinet is unquestionably the best way to do this. Despite this, very few music boxes--perhaps one in a hundred--were sold with a base cabinet, making original base cabinets quite scarce and desirable.

The cabinet shown here has very nice original golden oak finish. The interior is sized to accept a 15.5 inch disc, making it appropriate for Regina or any other brand of music box that played a metal record of this size or slightly smaller. It contains its original dividing slats (usually removed). As the slats only take up half the depth of interior I would guess that at one time there were some spacer slats behind them, although the slats will still functionally separate the discs.

Dimensions of the overhanging top are approximately 23 inches by 21 inches. Cabinet height is approximately 33 inches.

This is a good substantial cabinet, heavier than most, and will do a good job supporting and enhancing your Regina. I have shown it in one of the pictures with a Regina Style 11 on top to give you some idea of how your machine might look matched up to it (the Style 11 is not included in the price).

I haven't had good luck shipping these through FedEx/UPS, and I don't want to pack it, so I would prefer that you pick up this item. If you want it shipped you would have to pay for professional packing, and you may be looking at $400-$500 or more in freight.

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