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Edison Model C Standard for sale

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There's quite a bit of interesting things going on with this machine, which appears to be a common, nondescript Edison Standard Phonograph.

First of all, it's the rarely seen Model C version, which was only sold in the state of New York for a few months in 1908. This is not to be confused with the Model C reproducer which sits on the majority of Edison two minute machines and whose engraved fishtail leads many newcomers to jump to the conclusion that they have identified their Edison model. This is the true Model C Standard, a two minute machine which never accepted an end gate.

Second, this Edison Standard at some point in its life was retrofitted with a 2-4 minute conversion kit, giving it the gearing necessary to play both 2 and 4 minute records. This is a little like getting two machines for the price of one.

As usual, I have "gone through" the machine to restore it and make it as reliable as possible. I like to take the machines totally apart, clean, inspect, lubricate, re-adjust and put everything back together. I even go so far as to remove and re-grease the mainspring, a big job but important for smooth running.

I invite you to compare our machines to an Edison phonograph on a venue such as ebay. Most ebay sellers will ship you a machine "as is"; they are incapable of restoration. What I have discovered over years in dealing with these machines is that you really do need to take them apart, because over the years not only is there natural wear and tear, but people have attempted to make improper repairs. On this machine, for example, we discovered that the governor bushings were loose and the governor was so far mis-adjusted that it was about to fly out of the motor, strip the gears, and possibly break the mainspring. I am not suggesting that you see this flaw on every machine, but I am suggesting that on many machines you discover something troubling of this nature.

The motor on this Standard is now running properly, the machine has been re-belted and the tensioner cleaned and adjusted. The 2-4 minute gearing will engage as it is supposed to. The upper cover for the 2-4 gearing just hung loosely and is almost always missing, so I purchased a nice reproduction cover to complete the machine.

The case has very nice still glossy original finish, original decal, and is exceptionally clean save for a few typical modest scratches on the front panel of the motorboard.

I am including a rebuilt Model H 4 minute reproducer, which plays quite loud and is quite articulate, as you can hear in the mp3 file. (The artist on the cylinder is the incomparable Vernon Dalhart.) Four minute records were manufactured until around 1919 and due to their almost indestructible celluloid composition survived in large quantity and are the easiest type of records to obtain in good condition. If you come into a treasure trove of 2 minute records you can always purchase a 2 minute reproducer in the future.

Price includes 14" replica horn, and a half dozen nice 4 minute records to get you started.

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