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Edison Home Phonograph, Model A for sale
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Edison Home Phonograph Model A - Combination Conversion - Restored for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

Here's a very nice Edison Home Phonograph, Model A, ca 1901-1904, with very good original finish. It's in the ever popular green oak "New Style" case of 1901, and sports the fancy banner decal so popular with modern collectors.

What's more, this machine was fitted with the 2 minute - 4 minute combination conversion kit introduced late 1909, equipping the machine with gearing to play both types of Edison cylinders.

And even better, this Home model has been mechanically restored. After over 120 years it's always a good idea to disassemble, clean, inspect and lubricate everything, and that's what we do. We polish the governor shaft. We clean out the tiny sun and planet gear in the 2-4 gearing. This little gear will gum up the whole upperworks if it isn't turning freely. We pull the mainspring, and repack the mainspring with fresh grease, a big job, but important for smooth running.

Please don't confuse this machine with an Edison on a venue such as ebay. A machine may appear to run, but will give you headaches down the road. On this machine, for example, we discovered a bushing that some previous owner had removed from the spring barrel housing. The machine will run for a while without this bushing, then mysteriously and occasionally bind. Even worse, we discovered that the teeth on the governor shaft gear had worn razor thin -- this would be analogous to driving with your tires one inch from falling off. We replaced the shaft. We re-belted the pulleys with our special pigskin belting.

This Edison Home is now running properly on both 2 and 4 minute mode. The Model C 2 minute reproducer that we are including is booming out loud and articulate with an excellent stylus. You can see a new diaphragm in the reproducer, so my guess is that someone at one time rebuilt the reproducer. You can hear how well this plays by clicking on the mp3 file, or by viewing the youtube video below.

Add a Model H 4 minute reproducer and you'll be all set to play almost any kind of record that fate, and Mr. Edison, can throw at you.

Price includes a 14" brass and black replica horn, and 5 original Edison cylinders in very good condition.

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