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French cylinder phonograph attributed to Maleville
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French cylinder phonograph - Maleville for sale


This cute little keywind cylinder machine is of French origin. It's one of the innumerable continental imitations of the openworks Columbia Q and Eagle, and according to the French collectors I have consulted was most likely manufactured by the firm of Maleville. The unusual five (rather than four) feet under the cabinet give a clue to its genesis. It may also have been sold as a Musica and an Edison Bell.

A celluloid tag on the cabinet makes reference to Thibouville Lamy, a well known distributor of music boxes and phonographs, but not a fabricator.

The beautiful walnut case houses a typical European reversible mechanism, ie the lid flips upside down and forms the base board for the machine.

The reproducer is stamped Columbia. We also received a horseshoe weight for the reproducer, marked Le Cahit.

The spun aluminum horn looks original, and is typical of European machines.

The machine is working, and presents very well as an interesting novelty or display piece. If you plan to listen to a lot of cylinders a keywind isn't the most convenient way to go, and you probably want the more powerful motor and stronger reproducer of an Edison machine.

Includes three cylinder records.

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