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Edison Home Phonograph Restored, Original Finish for sale

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Here's a nice clean example of an Edison Home Phonograph, this model dating ca. 1901-1904.

The Home, introduced in 1896, was Edison second best selling model and makes an excellent starter machine -- reliable when properly restored and easy to get parts for.

The machine here has good original finish and original decal, and very sharp paint and pinstriping.

More important, it's been mechanically restored. Among other things I have taken the motor totally apart and put it back together. This means I have inspected and replaced questionable gearing, removed the governor collar and polished the governor shaft, pulled and re-greased the mainspring, and cleaned all the bushings in the motor and the upperworks. The machine has also been re-belted.

The reproducer has been rebuilt for maximum sound, so that it sounds as good as it did when it came out of the Edison factory.

Price includes 14" brass and black replica horn and 5 very nice two minute cylinder records.

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