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Harmony Front Mount for sale
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Harmony Front Mount for sale


This machine, which dates to 1907 or slightly later, was another offering of the Great Northern Manufacturing Company, which was also responsible for the Standard Talking Machine.

At the time of introduction of this Harmony model, front mounts were on the way to becoming obsolete, being superseded by superior rear mount machines, which placed lesser wear on the record, among other advantages. In the case of the Harmony, Great Northern went even one step further, saving the expense and trouble of a separate tone arm. The reproducer was fitted directly onto the end of the horn, which was balanced on an oversize support arm.

Unlike later Harmony machines which were constructed of Columbia components, this version of the Harmony employed a motor of Hawthorne and Sheble origin.

The large blue horn on this example, approximately 25 inches long with a 19 inch bell, has great original iridescent blue paint. The cabinet has original finish and original decal. There is some age related separation on the motorboard, and small chip on one of the corners of the motorboard (see image).

The motor is running properly and the machine will play through a single record. The crank is an old slip-off type designed to fall loose as the motor unwinds, not original but very much like the original,slightly modified to clear the side of the cabinet.

The original reproducers on these are almost always missing; they were secured only by being lightly pressed onto the small end of the horn, and were easily lost. The reproducer on this example is one of the high quality reproductions done several years ago by Norman and Janyne Smith.

One nice thing about this Harmony machine is that the turntable spindle will accept regular 78rpm records.

This machine would be a good choice if you want a modestly priced, old, original outside horn machine to occasionally demonstrate 78rpm records. If your intention is to play the machine a lot, you may find that one of our Victor or disc Columbia models is easier to work with and of more rugged construction.

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