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Giant organette accessory feed for sale

I have no provenance, nor even a name, for this outlandish contraption. It's a full size giant accessory feed for a 14 note organette. In a display of creativity that would do Rube Goldberg proud, a pedal pumps the bellows and drives the paper roll through an astonishing chain of belts and pulleys. Although the wood work is mortised in, and the handles and sides are beveled, it has more of a folk look to it and my guess is that it's not a polished factory piece, but rather either a factory prototype or an experiment by some accomplished rural inventor. The only thing that makes me question this conclusion is the size of the roll, around 13 inches in diameter, which you can see in the photographs. Where did they get it? Comes with part of a 14 note organette. One of a kind, something to delight your friends and confound your enemies, but stand clear of it once it's running!

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