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Adapter with early front mount for sale

Ever so infrequently you discover something that is clearly early and significant, but not documented. So it is with this hitherto unknown adapter to sit an oversize horn on an early disc machine. In this case, a 43 inch brass bell horn is being cradled over a Vic A.

Everything about this incredible unit fits together and is absolutely old, right, factory, and original.

The tone arm features a telescoping rod, and the length of the arm and placement of the machine can be adjusted to balance the horn. There's a nice brace/hinge assembly at the front of the arm to help raise and lower the horn.

The pine baseboard is approximately 42 inches long and matching in age finish and color to the machine. You can see from the marks on it that this Vic A sat on it since the turn of the century. There is some molding on the board to keep the machine from sliding off. The horn itself has a Standard Amplifying decal, has original paint, and has no evidence of a hook for cylinder craning -- there is corrosion at the tip where it would have taken a leather elbow for a disc machine.

Also included in the price is the Vic A. The A has a broken mainspring, and is missing the turntable. There is the shell of a Johnson New Century reproducer sitting in the tone arm.

Far larger and more impressive in person than it appears in the photographs, and worth the price for the Vic A alone.

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