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Fern-O-Grand piano phonograph
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Fern-O-Grand piano phonograph for sale


One of a number of companies that manufactured piano shaped phonographs popular in the early 1920s, the Fern-O-Grand corporation of Cincinnati, Ohio appears to have been in business at least between 1920-1922. The name may have been intended to honor John Fern, one of the owners, though not the principal stockholder.

Phonographs disguised as a Baby Grand are relatively scarce, and make a great working conversation piece to highlight your living room.

This is a nice working example. The cabinet had been refinished at one time to show off the mahogany striping. There is a little re-glueing visible on the outside of the cabinet beneath the lid hinge, where the hinge probably pulled away from the wood.

The motor had a mainspring replaced and is running smoothly and properly. The tone arm/reproducer assembly on these was pot metal and often broke and is missing as it wasn't repairable, as is the case on this machine. The assembly was replaced with a quality Brunswick arm and reproducer, and sounds absolutely fine, as you can hear in the mp3.

In case you may be wondering what the pedals do, they are actually functional. They open and close the louvers on the grill to control the volume.

Dimensions are pleasing but not overwhelming for a modern home -- approximately 31 inches by 33 inches by 36 inches tall.

Can't play the piano? Play the phonograph!

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