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Edison C4 radio phonograph for sale

Introduced in late 1919, on the eve of the Great Depression, these C4 Edison phonograph-radio combinations are very, very scarce, and represent the Edison industries attempt at electrical amplification. They play only lateral cut 78rpm records -- not the vertical cut Edison Diamond Discs.

I don't rebuild electrical phonographs, only mechanical ones, but I will try to give an accurate description of the mechanics of this C4. The turntable rotates when it is turned on, but there is no sound from the speaker. The radio lights up when it is turned on, but there is no sound from the radio. It appears that someone started to restore this at some point, possibly putting in some new tubes. I have shot two images of the electrical components.

The cabinet has been refinished to a high gloss. There is a spot of veneer which has come off the lid (see image) and there is some minor veneer lifting on the front of the cabinet. The three buttons on the radio don't match, so I would assume that at least two are not original.

These machines, which were not successful, represent the dying gasp of the Edison company, and as such have historical significance. This C4 would make an interesting restoration project, and is modestly priced. Only

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