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Edison Standard Phonograph
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Edison Standard Phonograph - Mechanically Restored for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

This version of Edison's Standard Phonograph dates ca. 1905-1909. The Standard, though not rare, is a robust and reliable mechanism and makes an excellent starter machine.

This example sits in a very nice cabinet with original decal and original old dark brown honey varnish.

Most important, it has been completely mechanically restored. These machines will never run as intended unless they are completely taken apart, cleaned, inspected, adjusted and put back together.

A few of the things I do are polish the governor shaft for smooth running, polish the governor collar, pull and re-grease the mainspring, re-belt, and rebuild the reproducer for maximum sound.

The Standard was a nice compact mechanism and a well made machine, but after a hundred years you often find something questionable in the mechanics. On this particular machine, the bushings in the feed screw were badly worn, leading to quite a bit of clatter as the machine played. Also, after cleaning the bull gear, I could see that one tooth was worn down. Eventually the gear would give out, taking the mainspring with it.

You don't find these exact problems on every machine, but on most machines you will find something, and herein lies the difference between our machines and an Edison phonograph on a venue such as ebay. I want to make sure the machine works right, and doesn't give any trouble when you receive it.

Price includes 14" brass bell replica horn, and five very nice two minute Edison cylinders.

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