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Edison Home Phonograph, green oak, for sale
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Edison Home Phonograph - Green Oak - Restored- Original 14" Horn for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

Edison Home Phonograph, Model A, in the ever-popular, collectable New Style green oak case of 1901.

This machine has great, clean original finish and an exceptionally nice original golden banner decal.

Mechanically, it's been restored as much as possible to bring it back to original playing condition. Both the motor and the upperworks have been completely taken apart, cleaned, inspected, lubricated and adjusted.

We removed and re-greased the mainspring, a big job, but crucial for smooth running. We replaced a pinion gear that often goes bad. We polished the governor shaft. And when we were satisfied that everything was working properly, we re-belted the machine. We added a reproduction crank, since the original, as is often the case, was lost with the passage of time.

This machine comes with an original 14" brass and black self-supporting horn. Despite what you might first believe, these little horns are much, much harder to find than large horns. (My theory is that the large horns got put in the basement or attic, where they survived, but the 14" horns went into the kitchen or garage, where they were used as funnels and thrown away.) These little horns have been reproduced since the 1970s, but you can clearly see this one is original, if for no other reason than it has a patent date stamped into the stem.

This Model A Home comes with a very strong, original 2 minute Model C reproducer, and is playing just as nice as can be.

Price includes 5 original 2 minute cylinder records in good condition.

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