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Mandame Hendren/Mae Starr doll records for sale

$150 each
These are the light blue cylinder records for the Madame Hendren Dolly Rekord phonograph doll. These records will also work on other dolls made by the Averill Manufacturing Company, including the Mae Starr doll and several off brand dolls. The records are in decent playable condition with typical wear. The cylinders measure approximately 1 1/2 inches long and 2 inches wide.

Although these dolls were originally received with a full set of records, they are usually found with only one record on the mandrel, or missing the record. The additional cylinders are very, very hard to find. If you didn't receive a record with your doll it can be quite hard to find extra ones.

List of titles

Now I Lay Me
Rock a Bye Baby
One, Two
London Bridge

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