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Columbia Graphophone type BZ
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Columbia Graphophone Type BZ for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

This little machine, introduced in 1910 as Columbia's least expensive Graphophone, is surprisingly scarce. The atypically styled mahogany colored case with beveled corners must not have sold as well as Columbia hoped, judging from the number of surviving examples.

I have mechanically rebuilt this example, taken it apart, cleaned everything and put it back together. There's usually a layer of old dried up grease that impedes the meshing of the gearing, but you often encounter evidence of old amateur repairs.

In this case, it looks as if someone had replaced the spring at one time, but didn't bother to replace all the screws that retain the spring barrel cover plate. Eventually the plate could work loose and jam the motor.

When I examined the mainspring I discovered that they also didn't grease the mainspring as part of the repair. This will cause the spring to stick to itself as it unwinds, forcing the motor to run unevenly. Needless to say, I greased the spring.

The reproducer has also been rebuilt so that the machine sounds the way it was supposed to sound.

You don't find these particular problems on every antique phonograph, but most of the time you do find something, and this is only one difference between our machines and a pig-in-a-poke on a venue such as ebay.

Cosmetically this machine is original finish, original decal with some minor distress. Someone put in oversize screws at one time to secure the lid, breaking off a few small chips near the top of the case. I filled, reinforced and re-stained the wood. The crankhole escutcheon is missing -- there are some extra screw holes where it looks as if they tried a replacement.

The red horn with black banding, which is original to this model, has quite of bit of weathering and some scratches. Repaint it if you like, but it's almost as scarce as the BZ itself.

This BZ is now working properly. No records? I'd be happy to send you a stack for only the cost of Media Mail. No needles? Price includes a package of 100 brand new ones.

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