Columbia Grafonola Regent

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Beginning in 1909 with this machine, Columbia introduced a series of Grafonolas disguised as common household furniture. Announced to dealers in September 1909, this massive Regent, resembling a double fronted partner's desk, was the initial Grafonola in this series. Priced at $200, it was far more expensive than any of Columbia's outside horn models; only the Grafonola Deluxe with Regina attachment exceeded it in price.

The conception and design were entirely original to Columbia -- Victor had never produced anything of this nature. The initial Regents were available in "the finest San Domingo mahogany, hand-rubbed and dull finished." The three spring motor was advertised as having sufficient power to play through a dozen records.

In May 1911 an Improved Regent was announced: access to the turntable was provided with a sliding drawer, rather than by raising the lid as in the first version. In January 1913 another version of the Regent with tilting trays, "another exclusive Columbia feature," was announced to the trade at a price of $210. This last version was also featured in an oak mission type cabinet. Judging from the number of Regents extant, it must have sold well despite its outlandish bulk and high price.

Columbia Grafonola Regent
The doors open from one side only. The knobs on top are purely decorative, a false drawer. The compartments would have held record dividers.
Larger image
Columbia Regent side view
Side view showing the crankhole and the sliding mechanism pushed into the cabinet.
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Columbia Regent drawer
Sliding mechanism extended.
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Regent horn
Columbia Regent horn.
Larger image
Columbia Regent oak
Regent Grafonola in oak mission case with tilting flour bin drawers, as illustrated in Columbia's house publication. (There is distortion in the image due to the digital camera).

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