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Edison C19 Diamond Disc for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.
The substantial, tall C19 Chippendale was introduced in 1919 (hence the 19 in its designation) at a price of $285, making it one of the more expensive Edison models. The reproducer and hardware were gold plated, another indication of a premium machine.

This example has survived exceptionally well, retaining its beautiful original golden oak finish. The double spring motor is working properly, the feed engages correctly, and the reproducer is very strong. It even has its original gold plated crank. This C19 is in as nice condition as I have ever seen.

We also received a factory record cabinet matching exactly in finish and color to this C19, which is still for sale as of this writing.

This is a very impressive machine to play your Diamond Disc records. Don't have any of the special Edison records? Then we'll include a bonus 25 of them at no additional cost!

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