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Swiss music box with butterfly bells for sale

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This sweet ten tune Swiss music box features five bells and adorable butterfly strikers. I can''t give you an exact date of manufacture, but the inlaid lid and rosewood graining likely place it ca. 1890-1900.

Interestingly, there is every indication that some restoration was done on the box at one time (I don''t know by whom). The 13" cylinder has been polished, the dampers are so intact that it would leave me to believe that they have been redone, and the comb has been polished. (The only evidence of moderate corrosion was on the bell teeth, which don''t count for purposes of tuning). One lonesome butterfly doesn''t quite match the others. I did not receive a tune card with this.

Case dimensions are approximately 12.5" by 11" by 25".


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