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Edison Blue Amberols

Edison Blue Amberol records for sale

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Blue Amberol records are four minute records and should only be played on a machine with four minute gearing and a four minute reproducer. These records have a celluloid composition and a Plaster of Paris core. Over the years the celluloid shrinks, and the plaster core picks up moisture or dries out, leading to the record going out of round. In many cases the record will not fit all the way onto the mandrel. This is not unusual in these cylinders, and the usual remedy is to ream the record. You should assume that the records below may need some reaming or may produce some flutter during playback; this will be true for the vast majority of surviving Blue Amberols.

Records are graded visually. In a few cases we have recorded the cylinder and posted a video on youtube, which you may find by clicking on the indicated link.

G indicates a record in good average condition, may have some defects, scratches, minor wear or other detriments, but still playable and enjoyable. Records have been graded visually. Cylinders have no boxes unless otherwise noted. NBT, no box top.

Because of the cost of packing materials, and the time involved in safely packing records, there is a mininum $20 order on all cylinders.

Cylinders may be shipped inexpensively via USPS Media Mail (US destinations only).

Serial Title Artist Comments Price Inventory no
Edison number: 5114 Title: My Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race Artist: Hann's Emperors of Song Condition and comments: VG, nbt, hear it on youtube Price:$38 Inventory number: A250
Edison number: 4961 Title: You Will Never Miss Your Mother Artist: Gene Austin and George Reneau (The Blue Ridge Duo) Condition and comments: VG, nbt, hear it on youtube Price:$95 Inventory number: A252
Edison number: 28171 Title: Agnus Dei Artist: Marie Rappold Condition and comments: Blue Amberol Concert record, VG, original lid, hear it on youtube Price:$38 Inventory number: A260

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