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Edison Amberola 75 for sale

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Following the great factory fire of 1914 Edison released a new series of internal horn Amberola machines to play the new four minute cylinders. These were the Amberola 30, 50 and 75, the model designation referring to their original price in dollars.

The initial introduction of the most expensive model, the Amberola 75, occurred in July 1915, according to Frow's reference book The Edison Cylinder Phonograph Companion.

This machine offers an excellent way to play and store your four minute Blue Amberol records. The diamond stylus plays brilliantly clear, and the three sliding shelves of this model can hold a total of 84 cylinders.

This is the nicest Amerola 75 I have ever owned or seen. The mahogany piano finish is smooth and shiny, almost as perfect as it was when it came out of the factory. There is no distressing or crackle of the finish as you always find after 100 years.

The motor runs smoothly and the reproducer is very strong. I freed up and lubricated the mandrel shaft a bit, which is where these models usually tend to bind. Grille cloth, which is always missing, looks as if it was added later.

The low serial number on this example, in the 1600 range, indicates that it is one of the very first Amberola 75s to be offered to the public.

Price includes a bonus 20 Blue Amberol cylinders.

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