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Edison Amberola 30, restored, for sale
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Edison Amberola 30 - New Mainspring - Restored for sale


The Edison Amberola 30 was introduced in 1915. It isn't rare, but it represents a reliable, convenient and excellent way to play your 4 minute Blue Amberol cylinders.

The example here is the earlier version, with the speed control accessible through the governor cover, and a reproducer not made of pot metal. This is desirable, because the later pot metal reproducers may not be rebuildable.

The machine has been mechanically rebuilt/restored, totally taken apart, lubricated, adjusted and put back together. This is a good idea on any machine, but particularly on an Amberola 30; the mandrel on these machines has a tendency to bind on the mandrel shaft, but in order to thoroughly clean the mandrel shaft almost all the gearing in the motor must be removed.

Additionally, a brand new mainspring has been installed in the spring barrel. We got this machine running with a little work, but as we played it for a while and tested it the mainspring broke. And this is one important difference between our machines and a machine on a venue such as ebay. Our machines are tested. An ebay machine might work for a while, but may require expensive repairs down the road.

Cosmetically, the golden oak case is in exceptionally nice condition, with no typical veneer peel.

The reproducer is in good condition, and this machine is now playing as nice and smooth as can be.

Includes 10 original Edison cylinders to get you going. Made until 1929, this is the easiest type of cylinder to get.

You can see and hear this playing on the youtube video below.

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