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Victrola XVIII
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Victrola XVIII (Victrola Eighteen) for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

The elaborate serpentine mahogany cabinet stood out as the apotheosis of Victor worksmanship.

Only roughly 3400 of these machines were sold in the spring motor version, making it quite scarce. This machine carries a serial number of 626. Since Victor often started numbering machines at serial 500 this would be an extremely early Victrola XVIII.

From a collector's standpoint, original finish is important to a machine and increases its desirability. As has been said before, you can take original finish off but it's hard to put it back on.

This Victrola XVIII still carries its original finish. There is some typical age darkening of the varnish, and some crackling and alligatoring of the finish, most prominently on the sides. This doesn't show in the images, but is noticeable in person.

The nice thing about this is that you can choose what you want to do with the finish. If you're an original finish person you can leave it alone. If you want to bring everything back to a high gloss you can refinish the machine, but the choice is yours.

There are some minute old nicks and scratches. There is around a 1/2" of trim molding missing at the bottom of one of the front doors. Overall, I'd describe this as good, untouched original condition, far better than average.

The motor is working fine. I have rebuilt the gold plated Exhibition reproducer.

If you're looking to add an interesting Victrola to your collection then this is almost as good as it gets. If you want just one Victrola to sit in your home and play 78rpm records this is also as good as it gets.

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