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Victrola 130 (Victrola XVII) for sale

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This machine, introduced in 1921, was Victor's most expensive model -- only a special order art case period Victrola could cost more.

The successor to the Victrola XVII, the Victrola 130 was in fact a slightly redesigned Victrola XVII. The beautiful serpentine cabinet work with bombe bulge on three sides represents Victor's highest accomplishment of the cabinet maker's art.

This example is as nice a Victrola XVII as I have ever seen, with gorgeous, rich original mahogany piano finish. The cabinet work is extremely impressive, although it's a little hard to emphasize in the photographs due to the dark finish of the cabinet and the way the finish reflects the light. If you want to get a good idea of the way the cabinet rolls look at the image taken from the top of the turntable and motorboard and you will be stunned by the serpentine sides.

This Victrola plays as nice as it looks. The motor is working quite smoothly and the rebuilt reproducer really booms out. Listen to the mp3 file and you'll understand what a Victrola ought to sound like and how much fun these things can be when working properly.

If you want one Victrola for your house, one machine to play acoustic records as they ought to be heard, this is it. It would be impossible to make a better choice.

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