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Victrola 125 for sale

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Introduced in 1923 at a price of $275, the Victrola 125 was Victor's most expensive standard production model (only the special period Victrolas sold at a greater premium).

The fancy bombe case with curved and serpentine sides continued the styling of the Victrola XVII, and in fact this model is often considered the later version of the Victrola XVII. It's a little hard to catch the three dimensional curve of the case in the images, but if you look at the shape of the lid and upper case molding you can get a good idea of how complex the cabinet work is and why this machine cost so much money.Only roughly 2100 were sold.

The mahogany case on this machine has been nicely refinished. The pictures were taken in bright daylight, so the case will look darker and more subdued in your home.

The spring motor is running properly, and the fidelity from the rebuilt Victrola No. 2 reproducer is excellent.

The only minor details I would note are that there is a piece of trim molding off one of the back legs (see image) and that the crank hole escutcheon is a reproduction.

If you want just one Victrola for your home, if you like the classic Victrola styling, and if you want something fancy and special, then you should strongly consider this Victrola 125.

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