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Victrola Seventeen (Victrola XVII) for sale

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The Victrola XVII was Victor's most expensive production line machine in 1916, introduced at a price of $250, or over $5800 in 1919 dollars.

The serpentine cabinet was a masterpiece of Victor design, craftsmanship, and elegance. All the hardware was gold plated.

The XVII was powered by Victor's largest triple spring (later quadruple spring) motor.

This is a wonderful example in rich, original mahogany finish. I've done a minute amount of touch up on the finish and trim to make it exceptionally nice.

It's hard to get a handle on the stunning serpentine curves from looking at the pictures, as the dark finish hides a lot of the cabinet's grace in the images, but if you view the picture looking down from the lid you can see the curvature clearly delineated.

I have rebuilt the reproducer and done quite a bit of mechanical restoration on the machine. It was working when we got it, but I took everything apart anyway to bring it back to Victor standards, and this is one difference between our machines and a Victrola on a venue such as ebay.

Here is just a little of what was done.

All four mainsprings pulled, examined, cleaned and re-greased. This is a big, big job, but necessary to keep the springs from sticking to each other as they let down, causing a crunching sound and uneven speed.

Governor cleaned and polished. Governor weights and springs checked for integrity. Governor collar polished and oiled.

All gears cleaned, including turntable drive gear. Turntable shaft bearing cleaned and oiled.

Needless to say this Victrola is now playing wondrously smooth and sounds great, as you can hear in the mp3.

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