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Victor Type D for sale

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Introduced in 1903 at a cost of $55, the beautiful top-of-the-line Victor D is one of the scarcest and most desirable of early Victor Talking Machines.

The oak case is perhaps the most ornate of all Victor machines (outside of the almost mythical Deluxe Monarch), and was in fact an enlarged version of the Monarch Special, fitted with a 12" turntable to accommodate the new 12" records. This is the only machine of its era that took a 12" turntable.

The D was equipped with Victor's finest triple spring motor for extended playing time.>/p>

This is a nice original example with no reproduction parts. The original finish looks as if it may have been gently cleaned at one time, but still shows age darkening and mild crackle upon close examination. A prior owner had polished the brake and some of the other hardware to a high gloss at one time, but this is original hardware.

The very impressive brass bell horn is 28" long with a 20.5" bell. There is some typical minor creasing around the rim and some dimpling, but the horn is overall better than average and retains original decal.

The back bracket has very good original decals and paint.

I have rebuilt the reproducer, and the machine is playing properly and at speed, as you can hear on the mp3 file.

We have very few outside horn Victors for sale. If you want a nice original Victor to would be hard to do better than the fancy D.

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