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Victor Schoolhouse (Victrola XXV)
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Victor Schoolhouse (Victrola XXV) for sale

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The Victrola XXV, popularly known as the schoolhouse Victrola, was available from 1913 to around 1927, making it the very last of the outside horn Victors. As the name suggests, it was intended to sales to schools and educational institutions.

This is the version with detachable lid, smooth oak horn, and folding shelf under the cabinet to store the horn.

The unique upright oak case and large wooden horn make this model a favorite with collectors.

I have rebuilt the double spring motor on this machine (ie pulled and regreased the mainsprings, polished the governor, oiled the turntable bearing, etc), and I have also rebuilt the reproducer. The motor is playing unbelievably smooth, and the machine sounds great.

The machine is original finish, and there are no cracks or splits in the horn.

Note. Someone at one time removed the lock, drilled the keyhole, and put in a lock plate type escutcheon. (See pictures.)

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