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Victor Junior for sale

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The name says it all. The Victor Junior, introduced in 1909, was an economy version of Victor's larger machines.

The Junior was equipped with a 8 inch turntable and single spring motor.

Despite being Victor's least expensive entry, surviving examples of the Junior are surprisingly scarce.

I have gone through the motor of this machine. The single spring motor with 1 inch mainspring (same size spring as used on the Victor I) might have been strong enough to play through a single record as it left the factory, but in my experience if this spring weakens at all with age the machine is underpowered. I have therefore installed a brand new mainspring.

The reproducer is a modified, rebuilt Victor Exhibition reproducer of this era. The special reproducer that originally came with this machine seems to be missing more than half the time. I have also inconspicuously counterbalanced the horn to work with the modified reproducer. (Nothing I have done has damaged or permanently changed the machine, and everything could easily be undone.)

The cabinet is original finish with enough of the Junior decal left that I wouldn't touch it. There is a small sliver of wood out at one side where the base touches the bottom, where a wood screw securing the base broke though at one time.

This machine is relatively small, 10.5" square at the base with a 13" horn, so it might be an interesting choice if you are pressed for space.

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