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Victor II Humpback
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Victor II Humpback for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

The Victor II remains a favorite of record collectors and people looking for one representative machine, offering Victor quality and a mainspring powerful enough to comfortably play through a single record.

My best guess is that this example dates to 1909-1916.

There were two versions of Victor II case, the fancy case with corner columns shown here, and a plainer, later case. This early, more desirable case had a sort of wooden hump carved into the rear to extend the back bracket, earning the machine its nickname of the "Humpback Two".

This is a totally original machine. It retains its original finish, typically weathered and age darkened. The nickel plating on the tone arm and elbow is quite nice, and the decal work on the back bracket is still quite decent.

The brass bell horn, approximately 18" long with a 12" bell, is in far better than average condition, no appreciable dings or dents.

Mechanically, I have gone through the motor to make sure everything is running smoothly. This motor was working when we received the machine; I didn't have to take it apart, and could have sold it to you as is, but after I disassembled it I saw some things that reinforced the principle that it's always a good idea to rebuild the motor. In this case, I noticed that a small bearing was missing, and that a set screw on the governor shaft collar had been removed. If someone had pulled up on the turntable while there was tension on the mainspring the spring could have broken, and the gearing could have stripped out.

I also pulled and re-greased the mainspring, a big job but important to keep the spring from sticking to itself and causing erratic running.

Acoustically, I rebuilt the reproducer and fitted it with a new flange for airtightness.

If you are looking for just one machine to play your 78rpm records a Victor II is a great modestly priced choice, offering classic esthetics and Victor quality and reliability.

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