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Victor IV - Restored for sale


This entry in Victor's famous Roman numeral series dates between 1905-1912. It was one of only two machines offered in mahogany, a wood associated with upper class tastes, the other offering being Victor's top of the line Victor VI. Although fitted with the same motor as the oak cabinet Victor III, the Victor IV did not sell as well as the Victor III, meaning that there are fewer surviving examples.

I have mechanically rebuilt the double spring motor on this machine, ie pulled and re-greased the mainsprings, polished the governor shaft, cleaned and lubricated the bushings, etc. The motor is now running just as nice and smooth as can be.

I have also rebuilt the reproducer for maximum sound and installed a new flange on it for airtightness.

The case has been refinished to a deep, rich mahogany finish. There are two replacement corner columns (you can't tell).

This is quite a large horn, approximately 29" long with a 20" bell. There is some typical minor dimpling in the bell, but no prominent dents or creases. When we received this horn it had some metal rusted out on the small end where the elbow sits. The previous owner had performed an inartful repair; we adhered the horn to an older reproduction elbow with structural epoxy, and it is now holding as tight as can be.

Good choice if you want Victor quality, want to play multiple 78rpm records, and like the look of mahogany.

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