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Victor Type E, Rear Mount
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Victor Type E, Rear Mount for sale

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The Junior Monarch or Victor Type E was introduced in 1902. Like every Victor of that year it was a front-mounted machine, ie the entire weight of the horn was placed on a wooden tone arm which traversed the record.

When the superior rear mount system was introduced, many machines were retrofitted to accommodate a back bracket which kept the weight of the horn off the record. And that is the story with this Victor E. The back bracket here is the same one used on the Victor I, which is the proper, often seen bracket for a rear mount Victor E conversion. As the version of the Victor I that took this bracket was introduced in 1905, the rear mount conversion would date to 1905 or slightly later.

This is a nice, clean original finish machine, very nice nickel on the tone arm, very nice gold stencilwork on the bracket. There is one new corner column. The small holes that you see next to the bracket are where the original front mount support arm screwed in.

The horn, approximately 18 inches long with a 12 inch bell, is in good condition, some light creasing on the bell was worked out of it, and now shows only very, very minor dimpling and wear. Horn is original paint, original decal. The horn elbow (often missing) is a high quality reproduction, thin wall nickel over brass like the original.

This is an incredibly smooth running little machine. There is a little typical whirr from this style motor, not discernible under the sound of the record. The double spring motor offers extended playing time, unlike a comparable Victor I which often struggles to play through a single disc.

Mechanically, I have taken the motor apart and cleaned and oiled everything. I pulled, cleaned and re-greased both mainsprings, a big job but important for smooth running.

The reproducer has also been rebuilt for maximum sound and a new flange added to it for airtightness.

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