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Victor II with Wooden Horn - Restored for sale

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The Victor II was part of Victor's famous Roman numeral series. Contemporary advertising suggested that the name should be pronounced Victor the Second, in the style of European royalty, but collectors today just refer to it as a Victor Two.

This version of Victor II was introduced in 1910.

Victory manufactured a quality machine, as exemplified by how well Victor talking machines have held up over the years. The Victor II was equipped with a single spring motor capable of playing comfortably through a single record (unlike a Victor I) ; this and its modest price today compared to other models in the Roman numeral series make it a favorite of record collectors who want one original outside horn phonograph to listen to 78rpm records of this era as they were intended to be heard.

This Victor II has been restored.

Mechanically, we have taken the motor totally apart and put it back together. We have installed a brand new mainspring. We have polished the governor shaft. We have cleaned and re-lubricated the turntable shaft bearing.

Acoustically, we have rebuilt an Exhibition reproducer and secured it to a new flange for airtightness.

Cosmetically we have nicely refinished the golden oak case and wooden horn. The original backbracket has been repainted and redone with a quality reproduction decal.

The smooth wooden horn, approximately 20" long with an 18" bell, is in exceptionally nice condition with no cracks or splits. It's absolutely gorgeous, and really makes the machine.

The only minor note I would make (and you wouldn't know if I didn't note this) is that the tone arm is from a very early Victrola IV. It's almost identical to the original, the only variance being a 1/4" difference in the throw, which does not affect the mechanics or the sound of the machine.

This Victor II is playing very nicely, as you can hear in the mp3 (artist is the incomparable Vernon Dalhart).

Wooden horns always command a premium. Look on any other venue and you'll be hard pressed to find a machine this nice for $1000 more.

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