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Outside horn Victors remain among the most desirable commodities of the antique phonograph market. They are relatively scarce and their high initial build quality ensures that, when properly restored, they are capable of yielding another hundred years of enjoyment.

As opposed to the later internal horn Victrola models, which truncated the shape of the horn for the sake of style, outside horn Victors yield a greater range of acoustic fidelity.

For these reasons, outside horn Victors have become a favorite of record collectors who want to hear their early 78rpm records exactly as they were heard in the first decades of the 20th century, with no electrical or other distortion.

Many of the surviving Victors consist of the Victor Roman numeral series, Victor I through Victor VI. Although Victor advertising suggested that the names be pronounced in the fashion of European monarchs, ie Victor the First, modern collectors would just call such a machine a Victor One, or a Victor Two.

In this series, most people who want one original outside horn Victor will choose a Victor II or a Victor III. Both will have large enough mainsprings to play comfortably through a single record, and both won't cost you an arm and a leg. (I have seen a Victor VI, by way of comparison, sell for as much as $7500.

The Victor II offered here has been restored, and our idea of restoration is somewhat different from a seller on a venue such as ebay. Restoration involves much more than refinishing the case, or oiling the motor. Below are just a few of the things we have done to this Victor II to get it to run properly.

Disassemble and clean the entire motor.

Remove and polish the governor and shaft and check the integrity of the governor weights.

Remove, clean and re-oil the turntable shaft bearing.

Clean and readjust the turntable drive gear, and lubricate it to factory specifications.

Remove, clean and re-grease the mainspring. This is a big job, but it's important on a Victor mainspring. The old dried up grease in the barrel causes the spring to stick to itself, the spring lets down unevenly, and the motor runs erratically. (Ask your typical ebay seller if they have ever greased the mainspring.)

Rebuild the reproducer. The brittle old gasketing in the reproducer leads to brittle sound.

Replaced the turntable felt to protect your shellac records.

In addition, the case of this Victor II has been nicely refinished to a beautiful golden oak.

The black petaled horn is original to the machine and has original paint and decal. This horn is approximately 22" long with a 19" bell. The horn has some typical light corrosion and a few light scratches, some of which have been touched up. These horns are often found rusted out or repainted, so all in all this horn is in far better than average condition.

In fact, everything on this Victor II is original except for a new reproducer flange, which is always replaced to secure an airtight assembly, and the crank (the one we received was old, but too large.)

Listen to the mp3 and you can hear how nice this machine sounds, and you can get some idea of how incredibly smooth it runs.

If you don't have 78rpm records I'd be happy to ship you some for only the cost of Media Mail.

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