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Victor III with large horn for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

This is an early version of the Victor III, dating 1903-1906. The Victor III is a favorite of record collectors and people who desire one representative outside horn talking machine for their home, and for good reason: it features an attractive cabinet, Victor quality, and a double spring motor for extending playing time -- all at a reasonable price.

I've performed considerable work on this Victor III to get it to sound as nice as it does on the mp3 here. Most important, I've done quite a bit of mechanical restoration on the motor. Talking machine springs will stick to themselves if they are not greased, and the old grease typically dries up and cakes over a hundred years. I have replaced one of the mainsprings, and pulled and re-greased both springs. It's not something that a seller on a venue such as ebay is likely to think about. It's a big job, and important, though not apparent on a casual inspection. And while I had the motor apart, I also polished the governor shaft, cleaned and lubricated the gearing and bushings, and re-adjusted everything.

Acoustically, I have rebuilt the reproducer and installed a new flange for airtightness.

This is a substantially original machine. The case has very decent original golden oak finish. One corner column was replaced and stained to match the originals. The back bracket is original, repainted with high quality reproduction decaling applied. The two knurled screws that hold in the back bracket, and the small clamp that secures the horn (both parts frequently missing) are reproductions, as is the crank. I honestly can't tell if the elbow is old or new (the good ones are nickel plate over thin wall brass), so I am going to mention it here also.

The brass bell horn is formidably large, 27" long with a 20" bell, quite impressive, no noticeable dings or dents. This is a great machine if you're among the majority of people who love the look of a large horn.

The machine is playing properly. There's typically a little noise from these early motors with bevel gearing, not discernible under the record.

We have a couple of outside horn Victors for sale as of this writing, but don't be deceived by their seeming availability. All outside horn Victors are quite scarce and desirable.

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