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Edison Triumph Phonograph with large all brass horn and floor crane for sale

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This most massive of Edison machines traces its origin to Edison's first successful wind-up phonograph, the Spring Motor of 1896. With the introduction of the Edison Model A machinery the Spring Motor morphed into the Triumph. This example is the Model B version of the Triumph, ca. 1906-1908.

The triple spring Triton motor was Edison's largest. Old advertising suggested that the Triumph was capable of playing 16 records off a single winding, as opposed to around two for the lower priced Edison Standard or Home models.

At an initial price of $50 the Triumph was more expensive than Edison's entry level offerings, and because of this fewer were sold, making it somewhat more scarce as far as modern collectors are concerned.

This example is set up as authentically as it might have been found in 1906, with a solid brass bell horn and floor crane.

Free standing floor cranes are really the best way to support a large horn, and are displayed quite commonly in early catalogues, but very few have survived.

This Triumph has very decent original finish and original decal.

I have taken apart, cleaned and lubricated the upperworks, ie cleaned and oiled the bushings, and I have cleaned out the mechanical feed screw. The machine has been re-belted. The reproducer has been rebuilt for maximum original sound, and the motor is working properly.

The solid brass horn is approximately 31" long with a 13.5" bell. If you look hard you might see evidence of some minor creasing which has been worked out and some dimpling, but all in all the horn is very respectable and in far better than average condition.

Case dimensions with lid are approximately 18" long by 11.5" by 15" tall. Weight is around 50 pounds. Wind it up and you can tell that this is one solid, well-built piece of machinery.

Price includes 5 nice two minute records.

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